My DOS tools

Hi, I'm ChrisR3tro and when I find the time, I delve into ancient software development.
This is a collection of tools I created for MS-DOS and compatible operating systems.
(There's currently only one tool, but I eventually plan to do more.)

If you like my stuff, why not follow me on Twitter, and if you are a developer, you are welcome to have a look at my source code.
Please let me know, if you find errors or just something that can be done in a better way. Thanks!



CDBeQuiet! (aka CDBQ) is a tool for slowing down optical disk drives under a real DOS environment.
This can be useful, if you have a relatively fast drive that can produce unwanted noise during operation (e.g. gaming :-p ).
It allows you to set a desired speed by specifying a command-line parameter.

This tool is based on an assembler program by "Hackman". Thanks, Hackman!

For info on system requirements, usage guide, change history, refer to README.TXT.

For a list of drives that are known to work, have a look at DRIVES.TXT.

IMPORTANT: Before making adjustments to disc speed, it is best to run a few tests (benchmarks).
Usage without proper testing can lead to poor read performance, see readme.txt, section How to test the settings and which rate to choose?.